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Regional events:
Seismic events at distances (from a seismic station) up to about 3000 km are normally termed regional.

Teleseismic events:
Seismic events occuring at distances greater than about 3000 km.

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Automatic seismic event locations
Filtered map of latest automatic locations

NORSAR, as operator of the Norwegian National Data Centre (NDC) for the Comprehensive Test-Ban-Treaty (CTBT), publishes three main types of seismic bulletins. A continously updated (delayed about one hour behind real-time) automatic list of seismic events in northern Europe based on the GBF method, a monthly regional reviewed bulletin covering Fennoscandia and surrounding areas, and a monthly reviewed bulletin of teleseismic earthquakes and other seismic events.

An automatic map showing the GBF solutions for Fennoscandia, with some filtering of random noise detections is also available.

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