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Automatic NORSAR GBF solutions 12/8/2018-19/8/2018

Location map

The map contains fully automatic, unchecked solutions from the Generalized BeamForming (GBF) system. Only events detected at two or more arrays are included. Clicking on an event origin time in the list should take you to the corresponding entry in the GBF bulletin file. Origin time is in GMT.

Entire region, East Norway, Central Norway, North Norway and the Kola penninsula, and Svalbard.

A gzipped postscript file is also available.< /R>

   Origin time       Lat     Lon   Azres  Timres Nph Nst  Mag  Area
 2018-230:01.26.58  62.60    6.52   2.80   1.21   6   3  1.29  SOGN-MOERE REGION NORWAY
 2018-229:18.22.36  61.58    6.68   6.51   1.55   6   3  1.23  SOGN-MOERE REGION NORWAY
 2018-226:09.05.55  62.05    6.10   5.82   0.17   6   3  1.30  SOGN-MOERE REGION NORWAY

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